Today, medical billing is an essential but complex part of the healthcare system. Medical Billing is to prepare the invoices or bills for the medical services used by the patients. These prepared invoices are given to patients and submitted to the insurance companies. BJK Solutions Pvt Ltd plays the role of a mediator between the patients, medical billing services providers, and insurance companies. We have been serving this industry for the last 4 years with more than 200 employees approx. We have a team of expert outsourced medical billing services provider. We are one of the best medical billing services company. Our Agency works as a means of communication between the patients and the insurance companies to pay for the healthcare services provided by a doctor, lab, and any other healthcare facility. Often coupled with diagnosis coding and medical code optimal procedure, the medical billing process takes these coded documents and ensures they are compliant and accurate.   In simple words, Medical Billing involves the billing process in the healthcare field. It provides the invoices or bills for the reimbursement procedures for both the patient and the insurance company. For all the reimbursement procedures and transmission of crucial data through medical coding, healthcare providers require medical billers. All the healthcare setups usually rely on the medical billers for all or any of the claim processes and reimbursements for the steady flow of the revenue. We are one of the best medical billing outsourcing company and our medical billers are highly trained and qualified, who provides best services to the patients as well as the healthcare providers. Medical billing outsourcing service is an extremely advantageous and cost effective service for Healthcare Professionals in developed nations. Medical Billing Service virtually manages a health care set up in a cost effective and time saving manner. It helps the medical practitioner get the proper reimbursement from the medical insurance company in a relatively much shorter span of time at highly reduced rates.

Medical Billing Services

For the providers of critical healthcare services, optimizing the medical billing process is very crucial to ensure sustained, long-term operations. From streamlining the complex collections processes to overcoming persistent falls in reimbursements and satisfying the HIPAA requirements, there are plenty of tasks that establish the medical billing process and lead to the successful closing of a revenue generation cycle. Outsourcing to BJK Solutions, a leading Medical Billing Outsourcing Services company in India, will enable your healthcare business to accelerate the pace of revenue generation and to reduce operational expenses. And also increase the efficiency delivered by the system. BJK Solutions provide the best-outsourced HIPAA compliant Medical Billing Services. We provide end-to-end medical billing BPO services and act as an intermediary between healthcare service providers and insurance companies.
There are possibilities that healthcare organizations may lose large amounts of money every year due to coding errors, non-reimbursed claims, under-pricing, and missed charges. If you hire BJK Solutions as your outsource medical billing services provider, we ensure quality output and accuracy and elimination of the occurrence of these losses.
Before the patient visits the healthcare service provider, we perform a pre-insurance verification check. We get all the details of either the patient is eligible for the particular insurance, require any pre-authorization or referral, whether any copayment has to be collected, the amount of co-insurance patient shares, if the patient has met the deductible, and whether the insurance covers the service sought from the healthcare provider. This step is very important because many insurance companies do not provide retro-authorization.
We access detailed patient’s information and bills from the healthcare service provider’s system through a secure network. All the documents are verified and validation is communicated to the respective client. After that all these medical documents are sent to the medical coding department to assign CPT and ICD codes. These coded medical documents are subjected to proof-reading and then cross-checked by the medical coding manager. After this these coded medical documents are forwarded to the charge entry team. We validate the code entered by the client as well.
Charges from coded medical documents are then entered into the particular patient account. If the patient is new and no account number exists, then a new patient account is created with all the demographic details from the patient’s registration form.
Once the details of the charges are entered and audited, the claims are then filed with the payer electronically. We process paper claims as well. Usually when the claims go through cursory filtering software to ensure that all information is contained within the document and is accurate. If any errors are caught, a paper report is sent back within 24 hours. After receiving the report, incorrect claims are rectified with the necessary and correct information within 24 hours, and after that claims are resubmitted to the insurance company.
When our experienced medical billing outsourcing professionals receive the scanned EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) and checks, these payments are then entered into the system. As part of this task, we also charge appropriate patient accounts and then immediately initiate the process for denied claims in case the actual claim is far below the expected one. Reconciliation takes place on a daily basis.

Once the claim is submitted to the payer for processing, our expert BPO follow-up team is determined to pursue all unpaid insurance claims that have crossed the 30 days bucket in order to diminish the accounts receivable (AR) days of the claim. Sometimes, the claims are underpaid and in such cases, we make sure that these claims are processed and paid correctly. The denied claims are appealed by our AR (accounts receivable) team.

The denied claims are addressed on a priority basis. Our medical billers and coders find the reason behind denied claims and refile the denial claims. Our expert on board Denial Analysts fixes the denied claim’s issue and sends them for reprocessing. If the claim requires any additional information from the provider, then these gaps are filled promptly; if the patient is responsible for denied claims, the claim is billed to the patient.
After the insurance claim is processed, we follow up with the patients for any pending balance due. A patient statement is generated and filed on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, as per your healthcare business requirement. Follow-up is done through phone calls. If we do not receive any response from the patient, we move those balances to collections, generate a separate report for it, and then send it to you for further action.
Our reporting package includes monthly customized reports, insurance aging reports, and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) reports. We are offering a detailed portrayal of your healthcare practice’s financial health and the length of your claim payment cycle.
As part of our medical billing outsourcing services, after verifying that it is a case of overpayment, we can also perform credit balance processing of the patient or the payer. This ensures the correct and on-time refunds to the appropriate entity.
BJK Solutions is offering a comprehensive range of medical billing BPO services. With the chosen payer networks and government entities, we complete all applications and required paperwork on your behalf. We follow all payer contracts through to contract load date and provide copies of fully executed contracts and fee schedules to your practice or billing company. We also maintain and update the CAQH profile.


The benefits of working with medical billing outsourcing companies include:

Most importantly, using third party medical billing companies can reduce overall stress levels for practices in relation to billing complications.

In BJK Solutions specifically, our clients see the following benefits:

Medical Coding

Medical Coding is a significant BPO Service being extensively carried out in India for the benefit of medical practitioners’ worldwide. Medical coding service makes the onerous task of identifying complex medical procedures and interpreting it in the form easily understood by medical staff at the insurance company besides the health service providers and the patients involved.

How does Medical Coding Helps?

In today’s scenario medical procedures have become seriously complex as newer treatments for various types of diseases are being worked out. Medical professions are finding it tough to pinpoint exact description for a medical coding process. This is where medical coding service helps. Medical coding helps the medical insurance providers understand what was wrong with the patient, what treatment was administered to him and whether all those was necessary or not. This helps even the non-medical staff at the insurance company to settle the claims at a much faster pace. Thus, helping not just the patients but also the medical practitioners. In the absence of medical coding, doctors incur huge financial loses as there are unable to get their due besides it also helps to get the payment much faster.

Medical Coding Process

Medical coding process makes use of computers to devise and describe complex medical and surgical procedures by giving them codes. Coding, therefore, helps in determining exact nature of the procedures that needs to be followed. Coding system has significantly improved in recent times. Medical codes are classified as Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and International Classifications of Diseases (ICD). This transparent coding methodology is of immense help to patients, doctors and insurance company.

A typical Medical Coding Process follows following steps:

Medical Claims:

Medical claim is a request for payment by a medical provider for a given medical service or item. Medical claim processing is one of the most essential operations that determines the efficiency of the medical billing process. The complete medical services and the medical goods we receive are all converted to cash. The insurance company pays on behalf of us when we take medical services and have a mediclaim.

Medical Claim Processing Software

Medical claim processing software helps make the demanding and expensive claims process more effective and efficient for healthcare providers, carriers, agencies and payers.

The main benefits of medical claim processing software are as follows :

Outsource Medical Claims Processing to India

Outsourcing medical claim processing to India is favorable because :

Medical claim filing

Medical claim filing is a process of filing a claim to any insurance company. It is the most tedious job in the health care sector. If a claim is not filed properly mediclaim can be rejected. It is mostly rejected due to some errors in medical coding or billing. So, it is essential to submit and file the correct information.

Medical Claim Filing Procedures

There are three ways to file a medical claim.

Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription Outsourcing Service is proving to be a boon for health care providers around the world especially US. This is because in USA and several other western countries it is mandatory for doctors to maintain patients’ record. Medical Transcription Service helps to convert the voice of doctor detailing patient’s condition into electronic text format. Medical Transcription Outsourcing Service, therefore, reduces the workload of doctors and reduces their overhead costs. Medical Transcription Service is in India from past 3-4 years and has made rapid progress.

How is Medical Transcription Outsourcing Done?

Medical Transcription Service is essentially an IT Enabled Service. It requires the expertise of skilled professionals to utilize information technology to convert voice data of doctors in countries such as US, into easily retrievable electronic documents. The voice data usually is the detail of patient’s history and medical advises administered.

A Medical Transcriptonist is, therefore, a specialist in medical language that transcribes by interpreting dictation of medical professionals, mainly doctors. The dictation practically covers everything that takes place between a doctor and his / her patient. Most often, the information is either recorded into tape or onto digital voice processing system.

Medical Transcriptonist makes use of a transcribing machine that is equipped with a headset and foot pedal. To carry out the work with precision, a Medical Transcriptonist needs to understand the language of medicine. He needs to have a basic grounding in anatomy, physiology and diagnostic procedures besides treatment and medical jargon. The person must also have the ability to present the document is easily understandable and grammatically correct language.

After the Medical Transcription document is ready it is submitted to the Medical Practitioner concerned for review and signature.

Why Outsource Medical Transcription Service to India?

India is one of the biggest BPO destinations today. The country has a huge resource of English speaking highly educated skilled professionals who charge much lower fee. Besides, India has the desired infrastructural and technological support needed to carry out highly evolved BPO Operations. With the availability of pool of trained transcriptionists today, India is the major outsourcing centre for Medical and several other types of Transcription Services.

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